Presentation of the Restoration Project
of Saint-Guillaume for Collecting Purposes

Saint-Guillaume... energy and a humanist wealth without equal, yet is threatened, gnawed by a econcealed humidity which weakens it.

There is still time to save this emblematic place of openness, by launching a vast humanist heritage restoration project, so that the voice of Saint-Guillaume never fades away.

An inspiring place

A humble façade which does not make you think any moment that since the beginning of the fourteenth century this modest building could contain so many valuable treasures.


An anchor as a symbol

The anchor on the steeple is perfect in representing the values of those who believe in man, beyond considerations of colour, religion or sexuality.

Follow the project

From the ground to the Tower, and in two phases, the project will be implemented between March 2018 and July 2020.


Eager to contribute easily?

You can also help by wearing this symbol of open-mindedness that is the anchor of Saint-Guillaume. Tee-shirts available in S, M, L and XL size. Rather large fitting. Interested? let you know by email

Sponsorship & counterparties

Did you know? Any donation gives right to a tax, deductible receipt of your tax, income or wealth.

Find here all possible options.


The signature of the convention

Une pétition pour soutenir le projet

L’opération vient de démarrer mais pour aller au bout, le reste à charge pour sauver ce patrimoine est de plus d’un million d’euros.

Si vous ne pouvez pas soutenir le projet financièrement, nous vous proposons de le soutenir simplement avec la force de votre signature : le Pélerin Magazine organise un concours pour obtenir des financements, dont le nombre de signatures de soutien récoltées est l'un des critères.

En signant cette pétition, vous exprimez votre soutien à ce projet humaniste et atypique.